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Forcepoint will receive its ANSSI Security Visa at the Cyber Festival 2019

Forcepoint, a global cybersecurity publisher, announces that ANSSI will officially present it with its Security Visa at the Cyber Festival organised for its 10th anniversary, on 4 June 2019 in Paris. The Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall solution has obtained first-level certification (CSPN) and qualification at the end of 2018. Forcepoint NGFW protects corporate networks with […]

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Insight unveils its “Career Structure” internal mobility platform and recruitment strategy

Insight, a provider of intelligent technological solutions and related services, announces the launch of “Career Structure”, a platform designed to promote internal mobility, by highlighting the skills to be acquired for each position and to develop with the help of its manager. The supplier is also looking for profiles of sedentary sales representatives and sales […]

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Nine of The Gartner 2019 Supply Chain Top 15 for Europe Have Optimised Supply Chains with LLamasoft

 LLamasoft, the leading provider of enterprise supply chain design and decision-making solutions, has supported supply chain optimisation initiatives for 60 percent of the European companies recognised as part of The Gartner 2019 Supply Chain Top 15 for Europe1. The annual Supply Chain Top 152 report identifies European supply chain leaders and highlights best practices for […]

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Forcepoint X-Labs Reveals How Cognitive Bias Leads to Reasoning Errors in Cybersecurity

Paris – June 12, 2019 – Forcepoint X-Labs, the world’s first dedicated research division to combine deep security expertise with behavioral science research, has released a whitepaper: “Thinking about Thinking – Exploring Bias in Cybersecurity with Insights from Cognitive Science”. Authored by psychologist Dr Margaret Cunningham, the whitepaper examines six universal unconscious human biases and […]

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Asterix is 60 years old and it is celebrated at Leonidas

Asterix is celebrating its 60th birthday this year, a great opportunity to celebrate it at Leonidas. To celebrate it as it should be, Leonidas’ Master Chocolatier offers his chocolate creations bearing the effigy of our favourite Gaul, at the start of the school year, and resolutely plays the “fun” card with his 3 Asterix pralines. […]

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XtreeE begins deployment of its global network of 3D printing units connected for construction

Paris, June 4, 2019 – XtreeE, a French start-up specializing in and pioneering large-scale 3D printing, is deploying its network of connected 3D printing units for construction. After its pilot plant in Rungis, XtreeE is contributing to the opening of a new production unit in the United Arab Emirates incorporating XtreeE technology, operated by Concreative. […]

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Launch of the consultations on Universal Activity Income, Unafo’s points of vigilance

Consultations on the implementation of the Universal Activity Income (UAR) have been launched by the Government. Unafo, the professional union for supported housing, will be a major player in providing access to housing for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. Last week, she met Christelle Dubos, Secretary of State to the Minister of Solidarity and Health, to […]

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The Fédération des Coopératives Vinicoles de la Champagne supports Champagne winegrowers in the management of their land

Epernay, April 12, 2019 – The Fédération des Coopératives Vinicoles de la Champagne (FCVC) today unveiled the creation of Foncière France Valley Champagne, a new solution available to cooperatives to help their cooperative members, but also all Champagne winegrowers, with their land issues. Access to land, a major challenge for Champagne winegrowers The land is […]

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Plurial Novilia, Entreprise Sociale pour l’Habitat (ESH) filiale du groupe Action Logement, gestionnaire de plus de 35 000 logements sur le territoire de Champagne-Ardenne et Ile-de-France (Seine-et-Marne et Essonne), présente une nouvelle offre : la colocation non-solidaire...