Plurial Novilia, Entreprise Sociale pour l’Habitat (ESH), a subsidiary of the Action Logement group, which manages more than 35,000 housing units in Champagne-Ardenne and Ile-de-France (Seine-et-Marne et Essonne), presents a new offer: non-solidarity co-location.

Based on the 100% turnkey signing of an individual contract per room (lease and monthly all-inclusive fee), non-solidarity co-location is an offer including:
Furnished accommodation and a secure room
Rental charges and electricity and gas
Wifi Internet connection (depending on accommodation)
The insurance
The housing tax

This system is aimed at everyone, with priority given to company employees. It is intended to be flexible and adapted to a target group of young professionals, very attracted by this type of accommodation: the deposit required will only be one month and there will be no administrative costs. In addition, it will be possible for the roommate to benefit from the APL. The monthly rent will be between 300 and 420€ and the accommodation is located near public transport.

“For several years now, we have been implementing various co-location initiatives for students and intergenerational groups. More and more popular with young working people in our region, we wanted to offer them a flexible solution that corresponds to this stage of their lives, particularly in terms of mobility and purchasing power,” says Alain Nicole, General Manager of Plurial Novilia.

The objective is to offer an intermediate housing solution located between the home and the independent dwelling. Today 20 homes are concerned by this co-location-not solidarity and Plurial Novilia aims to achieve a target of 50 T2 and T3 homes by 2020.


PLURIAL NOVILIA, a company of the Action Logement group
A major player in innovative social housing in the Île-de-France and Grand Est regions, PLURIAL NOVILIA designs original and effective solutions on a daily basis to meet the needs of local authorities and their inhabitants.
PLURIAL NOVILIA has more than 400 employees, 13 local agencies and a real estate portfolio of more than 35,000 homes in the Île-de-France (Seine-et-Marne and Essonne) and Champagne-Ardenne regions. The complementarity of our businesses, backed by our extensive network of professional partners, allows us to provide quick and relevant answers to all the “housing” problems encountered in the territories: planning, construction, rehabilitation, rental management, home ownership, animation, creation of social links…

The Action Logement network on the move
As the 1st ESH of Champagne-Ardenne and the 4th subsidiary company Action Logement, PLURIAL NOVILIA is part of the strong collective dynamic initiated in 2015. As a member of the Real Estate Housing Action Division, we actively participate in the local deployment of the group’s policies, whose primary mission is to facilitate employee housing in order to promote employment and thus contribute to the performance of companies and local economic dynamics.

An actor as close as possible to the territories
Under the aegis of Action Logement, PLURIAL NOVILIA participates massively and sustainably in the renovation of the city’s policy districts, in the improvement of the private park, and contributes to the promotion of social diversity. With 466 housing units delivered and 1,178 rehabilitated in 2017, we are fully committed to the 2016/2019 recovery plan to accelerate new production and the energy transition of the low-cost housing stock. An approach based on proximity, efficiency and innovation.


About Action Logement
For more than 60 years, the vocation of Action Logement, a leading player in social and intermediate housing in France, has been to facilitate access to housing in order to promote employment. With a portfolio of more than one million homes, Action Logement contributes to the challenges of eco-housing, urban renewal and social mix.
The group has 18,000 employees in Metropolitan France and in the French overseas departments and territories.

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