The diffusion is ostentatious. Everyone talks. This notion of multiple audiences is one of the priorities of PR. This is why we now speak of "Public Relations"; because it is aimed at all audiences.

Bpr France is much more than just a public relations agency....
it's a lot of content and a whole range of services to support your global communication strategies.

Bpr France is an "augmented PR" agency.

Likes, comments related to news, proactive point of views, opinion on your brand ... You know the adage: it is better to master information than to undergo! Because you know the media acts as an amplifier, by growing positive and negative information about your company. Better you improve the relations with the media, better the quality of your company or organization’s image will be.
Press & Public Relations
Launching a product, presenting its company, responding to a rumor ... Whether it is a press conference or one-on-one interviews, companies and organizations can no longer skip talking to the press. Before taking the plunge, it's important to ask yourself the right questions and get prepared. We give you advise, train your teams and set up workshop with you.
Media training & Digital training
Positioning your brand in a saturated environment, stand out, know its strengths, identify growth drivers or simply understand the perceptions and expectations of your stakeholders is not easy. That's why we analyze your brand territory, your e-reputation, your communication actions.
If brands are to emerge, their content must be anything but indigent. Rich, enlightened, relevant and effective content... aimed at the right target. Implement a real editorial strategy to produce quality content that will sell your brand and convince consumers.
Brand content
Because Public Relations does not only target the media, we have developed expertise in organizing events to serve your clients from breakfast ... to evening event, from more than 500 people ... to more confidential meetings. We also organize Awards, set up projects on Trade Show ... a whole range of formats.
French or abroad SME, your business is - or tends to become - mainly international. Bpr France is a member of IPR Team network and work with several international PR agencies. We can help you build and coordinate your multi-country PR campaigns with flexible, transparent and results-driven .
Our team is bilingual and each of us manages at least one international client.
Information is expeditious and technologies exponential. Brands must keep their knowledge and tools up to date so that they are not outdated. Internet users have become very influential, both for good and for bad. Many express their opinions and question traditional issuers of information. Interacting with your stakeholders is therefore essential, and requires Community Management and a digital strategy.
Social media & digital
Our consultants support you in your Corporate & Brand, Products/ Services or Brand Employer/ HR strategy. With an experience in the agency or within B2B & B2C companies, and because they work for more than 20 sectors, they bring you this lighting and this external look often useful for the development of your external communication actions .
Our strength ? Make Public Relations a tool to serve your brand and to go along with your business.
Strategy, Outsourcing, Communication & Marketing Department
We use professional writers with expertise in media, communication and marketing. Our Rich Media activity with our ``cluster`` of agencies allows us to write and design all types of content: white papers, newsletters, blog articles, mood posts, product brochures, e-books and computer graphics. Not to mention the video.
Rich media
We help you develop opinion and marketing studies for creating meaningful, compelling, and high-impact content to highlight your unique value proposition and leave a lasting impression with your audiences. For this, we have forged partnerships with market & opinion survey companies, both quantitative and qualitative.
Survey & studies