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A PR agency, to serve your Brand

We believe…
We strongly believe that Press Relations, also called "Public Relations", must serve your brand, your products and your services ... while integrating into a global marketing strategy. Business first.

Created in 2010, BPR France Public Relations agency considers it is necessary to defend its ideas, its opinions, its biased position, its values ​​... and consequently its BRAND and its adventure! "The world is a perpetual transformation; Life is all about an idea and an opinion “, according to Pensées de Marc Aurèle.

We deliver our listening, our efficiency and our pugnacity: with a strong entrepreneurial and independent approach, we like to think outside the box, to detect weak signals, emerging trends, expose them, and to help you defend your ideas and beliefs internally.

BPR France is a member of GIE OCom & Co; A cluster of talented experts from agencies that share our belief and human-sized agency. We give you access to our network of international partners, with whom we have forged strong links.

Our values
Commitment & Involvment
Independence & agility
Strategic & operating management


Do you share our credo ? 5 good reasons to choose us

A human-sized agency to boost your business
You need to work with your partners, as if they were fully integrated into your organization. We want to keep a human-sized agency to be able to get involved with you, at all process of the projects, without being cut off from the field and the reality: our advice is common sense and our approach is pragmatic!

An understanding of your needs and market issues
We develop a specific knowledge to each project we manage, with a goal in mind: to serve your business and your activities. We perfectly understand the topics to be pushed in the media. Our skills evolve, if necessary by trainings at the beginning of the mission, by regular meetings or by assistance to all the press meetings organized for our clients.

Proven methodology and organization
Our consultants come from major French and Anglo-Saxon agencies ... and from companies... with both external and internal communication and marketing experience. We have kept the best of their practices and streamlined the processes to offer our clients an approach that is as efficient as flexible, in each project, we dedicate a team composed by at least one senior consultant.

An independence that rhymes with transparency and common sense
BPR France belongs to its founders and associates: everyone is involved on a daily basis in the agency's projects. We offer our clients a partnership based on dialogue and transparency; We never "over-sell" what we know can not do or get. Our philosophy is to work seamlessly.

A "SMART" contract with our customers
Based on our management style, we make a clear contract with our clients. We only accept to manage a project if its objectives is in accordance with a "SMART" logic:
- Specific
- Measurable
- Achievable
- Realistic
- Time-bound

Your stakes

You wish to
Launch a new offer or support your business
Increase your awarness and visibility
Have a precise feedback of your brand’s image, your products, your services
Take the Digital shift
Assure the credibility of your brand
Conduct a conversation with your stakeholders
Improve your Brand Content by engaging an editorial strategy
Have an agile partner with a reasonable budget: an agency on a human scale, being part of a cluster of talented agencies

Our expertises

BPR France is much more than a PR / Public Relations agency ... it is a whole range of services to accompany your 360° communication strategy
  • Brand Content

    Words are at the heart of communication. They are the ones who convert consumers, citizens, employees by bringing them wherever you want. And telling the “Beautiful Story” of your brand is always more captivating than an organizational chart or a technical argument. We help you to set up a true editorial strategy, to produce quality content whatever the medium: content that will be accurate.

    Brand Content
  • Audits

    Positioning your brand in a saturated environment, stand out, know its strengths, identify growth drivers or simply understand the perceptions and expectations of your stakeholders is not easy.

    That’s why we analyze your brand territory, your e-reputation, your communication actions.

  • Strategic advice

    Our consultants accompany you in your Corporate & Brand, Products / Services or Brand Employer / HR strategy. With an experience in the agency or within B2B & B2C companies, and because they work for more than 20 sectors, they bring you this lighting and this external look often useful for the development of your external communication actions .

    Our strength ? Make Public Relations a tool to serve your brand and support your business.

    Strategic advice
  • International

    French or abroad ETI, SMEs, your business is – or tends to become – mainly international. BPR France is a member of several international networks of PR agencies.

    Our team is bilingual and each of us manages at least one international client.

  • Press Relations/ Public Relations

    Likes, comments related to news, proactive point of views, opinion on your brand … You know the adage: it is better to master information than to undergo! Because you know the media acts as an amplifier, by growing positive and negative information about your company.. Better you improve the relations with the media, better the quality of your company or organization’s image will be.

    Press Relations/ Public Relations
  • Social Media & Digital

    Social media is a challenge for the brand. As they grow, Internet users are no longer mere spectators, but real actors … even detractors. Many do not hesitate to voice their opinions online and challenge traditional information providers. Interacting with your stakeholders allows you to express yourself, share or even explain your biased position … this is all the stake of a good “Community Management” and a good digital strategy.

    Social Media & Digital
  • Media & Digital Trainings

    Launching a product, reviewing a project, presenting a company, responding to a rumor … Whether it is a press conference or one-on-one interviews, companies and organizations can no longer, skip the press meetings. Before taking the plunge, it’s important to ask yourself the right questions.

    As for the media and social networks, we give you advise, train your teams and set up workshops with you.

    Media & Digital Trainings
  • Surveys

    We have developed an internal activity in the accompaniment and the development of opinion and marketing studies.

    And we have forged partnerships with research companies, both QUANTI and QUALI.

  • Event

    Because Public Relations does not only target the media, we have developed expertise in organizing events to serve your clients (from breakfast … to evening event, from more than 500 people … to more confidential meetings). We also organize Awards, set up projects on Trade Show … a whole range of formats.

  • Rich Media

    The BPR France agency entrusts the creation of your documents to professional writers, experts of content strategy, communication and marketing.

    From a press perspective, each of your documents is optimized for the Web and is processed to meet the journalistic requirements to get more exposure in the media.

    From the point of view of all your stakeholders, our Rich Media activity with our cluster of agencies allows us to write and design all kinds of content: from the white paper, to the newsletter, Blog post, points of vue, collateral or e-book and infographics. Not to mention the video.

    Rich Media
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What do they say…

Our agency

An operational and multidisciplinary team
Hicham Chemaoui
Hicham Chemaoui
Associate Director
Serial Entrepreneur, Hicham has been creating or investing for 15 years in various projects. His leitmotiv? Companies on a human scale. He is co-founder of BPR France and a partner of the E.I.G. OCom & Co.
Sophie Decaudin
Sophie Decaudin
Associate, Account Senior Manager
20 years experience in French and international PR agencies … new technologies & services. Expert in PR strategy, products, services & corporate. Her skills ? A perfect knowledge of the evolutions and trends in PR tools and methodologies … and a “ad-hoc” approach to client issues.
Judith Martin
Judith Martin
Associate, Account Director
15 years experience in French and international PR agencies … IT, economy, industry, services. Ability to find speaking opportunities, to put in place an editorial strategy in line with the communication strategy of her clients. Her strengths ? Strong listening skills and varied PR expertise.
Anne Courtois
Anne Courtois
Account Director & Brand Content
23 years of experience in agencies, companies, public sector, associations … 16 sectors. Triple expertise … marketing / communication / market research. Expert in brand strategy, products and services … and operational with a perfect knowledge of Print & Digital communication tools. Her DNA? A differentiating approach … to accompany the companies and organizations transformations.
Françoise Laigle
Françoise Laigle
Senior Media Consultant
18 years experience in PR agencies and as a freelancer… high tech, fashion, publishing, culture, education, tourism/ leisure. Both at ease with the classic product PR launches as with complicated PR accompaniments on corporate and strategic dimensions. Her advantage? She knows what the words “business” and “undertake” really mean.
Pierre Bethuel
Pierre Bethuel
Media consultant
3 years experience in PR agency … new technologies, real estate. Specialist in the detection of great media opportunities. Its specificity? A natural flair and a strong empathy.
Camille Terrier
Camille Terrier
Media consultant
As a young recruit from Bpr France, Camille joined the team in June 2017. She has recently graduated from a Communication School. She has realized that good communication is like good wine, its alla bout letting ripen the fruit of your ideas.
François Tassain
François Tassain
François is a graduate of ESJ Paris (Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Paris) – the oldest in the world. After working as a journalist and copywriter in an agency, both for B2B and B2C clients, François has written on every conceivable subject. He takes great pleasure in discovering new worlds and putting his writing skills to the test
Alexis Charlet
Alexis Charlet
Junior PR and Digital Project Manager
Alexis is in the 2nd year of a Master’s degree in Marketing Communication Management at ISCOM Paris. During his studies he built a solid knowledge base in the humanities. After specializing in communication, Alexis joined ISCOM Paris and then the BPR team. Curious and versatile, Alexis has developed a strong interest in the fields of IT and new technologies.

A cluster of « expertises »

We are an independent & nimble agency…
part of a cluster agencies much alike in terms of human scale, skills & expertises, and vision

32 people / 3,9 € billions


Surveys & communication audits / Survey partners & internal tools / Trade Shows design stand and scripting / Web agency Internet/Extranet/Intranet creation & development – digital marketing tool – Mobile apps / Audiovisual production, Rich Media Visual identity, Brand Studio design

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