Proservia announces the creation of a Joint Venture with Verteego

After two years of active collaboration, Proservia, a brand of ManpowerGroup, announces the signature of a joint venture with Verteego, a company that publishes an artificial intelligence platform. This alliance, called Peevee, aims to create a new range of innovative cognitive services and revolutionize the IT support experience.

In partnership with Verteego, the multi-specialist ESN in IT and Telecom solutions has been developing innovative IT support solutions for more than two years as part of its activity as a leader in user and infrastructure support and as a promoter of digital workplace. At the heart of digital transformation, the massive use of data by artificial intelligence technologies makes it possible to envisage new services and uses.

Proservia has made significant investments in recent years in these new Artificial Intelligence technologies in the cloud in order to offer its customers solutions for digitalizing IT support, new user services and a new experience in the consumption of these services.

This close and fruitful collaboration, born from a meeting during the 2017 edition of Viva Technology, makes it possible to capitalize on the respective know-how and finally offers the opportunity to bring this market into a disruptive phase of real empowerment of employees, automation of repetitive tasks and access to relevant information everywhere, at any time and from any medium.

“This joint venture agreement is part of Proservia’s structured innovation approach. This signature marks a new step in the modernization of our offers. The AI opens up a huge field of possibilities. We are only at the beginning of a very promising story…”, says Jean-François Guyomar, General Manager of Proservia.

This innovation is supported by real use cases, resulting from Proservia’s daily activity serving more than 300,000 users.

The first result of this collaboration is that the Powee solution reduces communication processes, automating maintenance requests while providing a range of features for users. The objective is to streamline IT support, reduce workloads while providing real benefits to employees and operators.

“We are proud to have been selected by Proservia. This joint venture allows us to open Verteego Brain’s technology to new fields by capitalizing on Proservia’s business knowledge. This announcement marks an important step in our collaboration,” said Clément Guillon, COO of Verteego.