Coop de France Grand Est is born

The FCVC, Coop de France Lorraine, Coop de France Alsace, FRCA and URGPAL
merge under the Coop de France Grand Est banner
in order to carry together a strong and unitary policy of agricultural and wine cooperation.

Épernay, April 12, 2019 – Today, five historical federations of agricultural and wine cooperatives in the Far East – FCVC, Coop de France Lorraine, Coop de France Alsace, FRCA and URGPAL – are merging to create Coop de France Grand Est. This merger should make it possible to defend the interests of cooperatives as effectively as possible – and thus increase the influence of the Grand Est cooperation at both regional and national level – but also to develop and pool the services provided to cooperatives.

The role of agricultural and wine cooperation

The Grand Est region is an important agricultural region in which cooperation plays a major role. Within this territory, the creation of cooperatives has made it possible to structure efficient sectors in the different sectors (animal, plant and wine). Today, cooperation effectively responds to a permanent concern of farmers: to control the agri-food sectors, from production to processing and marketing, with the objective of ensuring fair and sustainable remuneration.

Governance of the company

Chaired by Sylvain Hinschberger (formerly President of the FRCA) and headed by Alexandrine Legras-Populus (formerly Director of the FCVC), Coop de France Grand Est has three divisions (animal, wine and plant), which are themselves divided into various sections in order to meet the specific needs of the cooperative sectors it brings together. The new entity now represents 260 cooperative companies with more than 56,000 members, more than 11,250 employees and a turnover of €14.4 billion.

Bringing the sectors together

Coop de France Grand Est’s objectives are to unite all cooperatives in the Grand Est region around the major objectives common to all sectors and to increase the capacity of cooperation to influence while promoting the issues specific to each sector.

A regional and national issue

The existence of a single legal structure within an area of intervention modelled on that of the new territorial division of the Regions allows a better representation of the interests of cooperatives with the administrations and territorial authorities of the region and will promote the readability of the action of cooperatives.

Coop de France Grand Est is also positioning itself today to influence the national debate, particularly on decisions and laws impacting cooperatives. The objective is for the cooperation of the Grand Est region to benefit
effective representativeness at national level in proportion to the weight it represents within French cooperation.

Coordinate services

The five historical federations have developed services in their respective territories and sectors for the benefit of their members. The pooling of resources, particularly human resources, makes it possible to perpetuate existing services (legal, tax, social, production and agri-food services) and develop new ones.

Thirteen employees will be at the service of the cooperatives and their elected representatives, each in their own field of competence.

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